The American College offer Visionary Scholarships through the application process.

They also provide answers to many of the basic questions that the students and Parents have when applying for college. 

Let us show you how to Navigate through College Planning process by attending one of our seminars. 

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Since the early 90's, College Funding Solutions, Inc ("CFS") has been providing cohesive college planning solutions for students, parents, and financial professionals nationwide.  Our company’s distinct focus is to make available pertinent, timely, and practical college planning guidance, with all strategies, procedures, and insight delivered exclusively from the family’s point of view.


Their is over 50% of students that fail to graduate from College. Failure only creates a current Liability that either the parents or student will have to pay without completing their 4 year degree. Without a plan students graduate in average of 5 and a half years.

The platform that we utilize have helped students 10s of thousands of students graduate in 5 and a half years or less. Over 85% of students have graduated using our platform.  The reason for this success is due to the integration of all the key building blocks to support the student and parents navigating the college planning process.

Frequently Asked Questions - Students

​​I come from an upper-middle class family with a higher income.  Does this mean I’m not eligible to receive funding for college?

​When should I start looking at colleges and planning to finance my education?  

​Do I really need to decide on a career before I start searching for a college?  

​Do I apply for admissions or funding first? 

My family doesn’t have much money.  Do I have to settle for a less expensive school?

How many colleges should I apply to?

My Dream School offered me $12,575 in funding, but it will cost $22,000 per year to attend.  Is that the best offer I can get, or is there something else I can do?

Frequently Asked Questions - Parents

Should we talk with the colleges or should we let our student?

​We are divorced and remarried.  What parents' information needs to be reported and to who? 

​What is the difference between an un-subsidized and a subsidized loan?

​We have heard we might make too much money to qualify for college funding - is that true? 

​Who really receives the most money for college and why? 

​Should we go on campus visits with our student?

What is the most important part of the college planning process? 

We recommend 

Today’s Most Comprehensive College Planning Resource Program

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The eCollegePro (“ECP”) Family Suite is a value-based, economical college planning solution that is packed with essential guidance and procedures delivered in a direct, no-nonsense, easy-to-follow format. Proven, personalized, and comprehensive, ECP helps each family easily understand the inner-workings of the process, prepare a workable plan, and stay on track … all designed to help ensure the student receives the best education for the money. ECP has been built from over twenty years of hands-on experience and delivers answers from the family’s perspective, not a misinformed third party, or a biased source with a hidden agenda.

eCollegePro Core Building Blocks

Established strategies, essential know-how, and step-by-step guidelines delivered in real-time are at the heart of the ECP Program. Families have unlimited access to vital ‘core building blocks’ through personalized web-based resources that were created and designed to guide students and parents through the entire college planning process. ECP is loaded with dynamic behind-the-scenes procedures, insider secrets, must-know techniques, and a month-bymonth timeline, all in one easy-to-use, convenient format, including:

 Building the Student’s Resume’

o AP Classes – Guidance on Why and How

o School & Community Activities

o Summer Employment – More than a Job

 Career Options

o How Best to Talk with Those in the Field

o 24 x 7 Online Career Readiness Platform

o Job Shadowing – How It Works Best


o Testing Dates & Registration Details

o 24 x 7 Personalized Online Courses

 College Search & Selection

o Student Specific Online Matching

o College Fairs – What to Look For?

o Powerful Admission Applications

o Methods of Choosing the Best School

 Funding Procedures

o 40-page Funding Strategy Report

o CSS/Profile Line-by-Line Answer Sheet

o FAFSA Line-by-Line Answer Sheet

o Student Aid Report (SAR) Analysis

o Award Letter Evals / Appeal Strategies

eCollegePro Advanced Consultation (Case-by-Case) Families who receive instruction and develop knowledge on all aspects of the college planning process are often most successful. ECP is structured to handle each student / family on a case-by-case basis. This may include more in-depth, personalized consultation. ECP can be custom-tailored to help each family level the playing field by concentrating their efforts on what matters most, making the best use of their time, and positioning themselves to succeed. Available to families as necessary for a per-hour fee, additional personalized guidance may include:

 Early Decision – Yes or No?

 Impact of Private Sector Awards

 Merit Aid vs. Need-Based Aid

 What is the EFC? / What are Our EFC Options?

 Evaluating / Appealing Award Letters

 Pitfalls that Must be Avoided

 Why You Can’t Miss Crucial Deadlines

 Colleges’ Teaser Offers – What to Do?

 Campus Visits – How to Set the Foundation

 Identifying Your Best Educational Values 

iPlanforit, Inc. Consultants are CFS Certified in the college planning process.

We Partner with The American College Foundation and College Funding Solutions to provide a seamless process for students to navigate into college.