iPlanforit  has an exstensive expertise providing strategic advisory services. iPanforit focus on more then just helping you buy or sell a business. We leverage our considerable knowledge in a wide variety of industries and geographies to identify the most suitable acquirers and acquisition targets. This enables us to complete transactions under the most favorable terms for our clients. Here is an example who we have served.​​





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iPlanforit focuses on offerings:

  • Sell Side Support ,
  • Buy Side Support
  • Setting up a Corporate and Business Exit Strategy plan both formally and or informally well in advance of selling the businees thus optimizing the businesse value and delivers a personally designed Exit plan for the business owner to.
  • Corporate and Business Audit review of Income Tax Insentives and Expense Reduction Solutions.  By running these no cost audits on a regular basis you will insure a healthy EBITDA during the life of your business and at the sell.

The best way to build a company is to build it as if you're going to sell it, It has to be built to last and have value.

One place to start measuring your company's potential value in a sale is determining your EBITDA, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. The equation itself is really quite simple: subtract expenses from revenue (excluding interests and taxes) without depreciation and amortization (what you pay for tangible and intangible assets). The remaining number paints a basic picture of your profitability as well as your ability to pay off what it owes.

EBITDA a "quasi-estimate" of your free cash flow, a more traditional and comprehensive assessment of a company's performance. You can get a more accurate reading of your free cash flow by subtracting out new capital expenditures for that year. Once you get this dollar amount, simply build upon the foundation to see how well you are doing.​

Its never to early to start Planning for the Merger or Aquisition of a company.

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