With our partners we provides top-notch, first-party account receivables and third-party debt recovery/collection services with a performance guarantee. Our proven results show that most debt can be collected before ninety days with noninvasive procedures.
Slow payments have a severe impact on cash flow. We can significantly increase your account receivables' cash flow while reducing your overall cost. Our strategic, diplomatic process sends debtors the right message at the right time. With our "urgency by frequency" process, we reduce delinquency rates without resorting to expensive actions that offend our clients' customers. We know that communication is the key to any successful relationship, and therefore, we have developed two programs for our clients:
Option 1: Create urgency by frequency between days 31 to 60. We reach out via emails, mail, texting, social media and telephone. These are friendly, inspirational reminders.
Option 2: With regard to customers greater than 91 days past due, our personable representatives offer options that will bring them to date and keep them in good standing.
These two programs average a 77% success rate, greatly increasing cash flow, the key to a thriving business. Success with with our begins prior to placing your accounts. We aim to provide tangible value to our clients by understanding their needs and using that knowledge to perform. When accounts are placed, they are assigned to a team of highly-trained Agents. Our Management Team will match your business and type of debt to one of our experienced Agents for maximum results. Audits are performed periodically to ensure accounts are meeting ethical requirements and client expectations. Daily reporting from the Management Team ensures that we are continually evaluating our performance. Educated, friendly Agents are our backbone, ensuring larger and quicker recoveries. Our commitment to our employees is evident in the ongoing training and unparalleled benefits we offer.
For those rare cases that are unsuccessful using first-party methods, or if contingency collections are preferred, We refers accounts to Kinum, a licensed debt-collection agency. Kinum offers flat-rate collections charging a one-time fee (ranging from $15-$20 per case), and you keep 100% of the amount collected! For contingency services, there are no upfront fees, and if the account proceeds into litigation, Kinum pays all costs and attorneys' fees. Kinum reports the accounts to all nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies through its automated process including updates submitted every thirty days. Properly reporting bad debt to the credit bureaus is a vital step in an effective collection process. Many collection agencies do not report to the credit bureaus and those that do often report too early destroying the chance to offer the debtor amnesty, tarnishing any future relationship.
Call Sales us today for the cure to your lagging cash flow. In today‚Äôs market, the secret to account receivables' success is keeping clients out of collections while showing them an enlightened path to paying off debts.

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